Thursday, 27 August 2009

Get your ROCK on!!

With the winter on its way, I started getting creative with some new ideas for winter 2009.

Here are some rock inspired cardigans and jumpers. The jumpers are so easy you could even wear them now with a pair of sandals and then layer them up in the winter with leggings and boots.

The cardigans are all mostly cape style with a lot of volume, great over tight jeans and flats. I also made some small cardigans as most people prefer this simple shape.

All are embellished with chunky stud details, feathers and fringing. The feathers are attached with velcro so you pull the feathers off and throw the cardigan into the washing machine and then attach the feathers when you want to wear the piece. This way it makes it easier to store the cardigan without the feathers being ruined.

These are only available at Portobello and spitalfields market. Available online soon.


  1. Oh my g... I love these cardigans!! Please give me a hint if you decide to sell online:)

  2. ...looking at the previous comment...u do sell online already, don't you?
    well..I'm pretty new at the blogging thing here as well, I started this week.
    I saw ur clothes every now and then in Portobello, veeery nice dresses!!!
    Cant wait for ur new collection :)


  3. Great new stuff! When I'm back on Portobello I'll come down and swap you some stuff :)
    I have some gold bangles you might need..... :)

  4. omg your stuff is just amazing! ive been hoping something like this would come out! and you've just hit the spot (in a non sexual way ofcourse lol) do you ship to sydney, aus? when will these items be available online? i will definitely be saving for these items! keep up the great work!