Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kimono style!

When I designed this Autumn/Winter collection, I was super inspired by Kimono shapes and it seems it is still inspiring me!

Kimono is the Japanese word for “the thing worn,” and it is a universal symbol of Japan. It represents the traditional beauty with a sense of timelessness and endurance. But Japan is no longer the only country into kimonos - this trend is popping up everywhere at the moment, referenced in jackets, tops, dresses and fabrics.

I've put together some of my fave pieces from Autumn/Winter that represent this trend - it's easy to wear and super flattering, plus it's a bit of a timeless classic! Let me know how you'll be rocking this trend this winter.

Ellie Dress by Goldie. 

Kimono shape, fringes and Japanese inspired prints in warm autumn/winter colours.

Prilly Top by Goldie.

Georgia Cape by Goldie.

Gala Gonzalez in her Georgia Cape.

Sophie Jacket by Goldie.

Gala wearing her Sophie Jacket!

Velvet and rich tones warm up a style that is usually associated with silk and sheer fabrics.

Clara Jacket Cape by Goldie.

Clara Jacket Cape by Goldie


  1. Beautiful photos and great blog!:))

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  2. this jacket cape is purely beautiful! It is convenient? :)

  3. I love the first picture especially - the fringing is gorgeous!

  4. Love all those clothes, especially the jacket.

  5. I love your blog and can't wait to read through it all! Going to do that during our lunch break tomorrow! We'll be back to say hello soon :)

    Hope you can pop by our blog soon too - have a snoop around! x

  6. I really love anything kimono style right now. The georgia cape is amazing!!

  7. thx to answere me <3