Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Meet Cecile!

Jeans: ZARA
Top: H&M
Jacket: ZARA
Shoes: Unique
Glasses: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Urban Outfitters


What are you working as for Goldie?
I’m working as a merchandising assistant.

What were you doing before your internship?
I studied Marketing, Production and PR at Birkbek college (London)

What do you miss the most about France?
Cheese, wine and the Atlantic beaches.

French Fashion or English Fashion? ;)
English Fashion definitely. French Fashion is too nice, too gentle and not daring enough.

Favourite place in London? In France?
The canal just behind Camden Market. So pretty, so quiet you would never expect to find such a place right behind busy Camden market.
My favourite place in France is Saint Pierre, a tiny part of my hometown Bordeaux.
It’s an old neighborhood from the 17th century with loads of “caf├ęs”, tiny retaurants and tiny bars. There is a very particular atmosphere, as if time had stopped, it’s amazing.

What has been the best thing about your Summer so far?

The crazy places I discovered and the crazy people I met here.

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?
Rock en Seine Festival at the end of August in Paris.

What was your favorite Autumn/Winter Collections?
I loved Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

What can't you live without in you're handbag?
My phone, my Ipod and earphones.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My shoes: Topshop biker boots.

What is your favourite item from the Goldie Autumn Winter Collection and why?
Stacey Jacket, it’s the perfect basic with a twist that make it original and even more stylish.

What are you listening to on your i-pod?
At the moment The Black Keys.

Who are your style icons?
Kate Moss (forever) and Blondie.

What are your ultimate goals for the future?
Work in PR for a “maison de couture” line in London or in Paris.


  1. Like the blue, like her style! xx

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    you might like it :)