Monday, 8 August 2011

Shoreditch Unbound

Very exciting news! Goldie is going to be featured in a new book!

Some of you who live in East London may have noticed a few silver bricks popping up around the area? Well, thats all part of the launch of a great new book 'Shoreditch Unbound'.

The book features an eclectic mix of creative talent that reflects the vibrant soul of the area. Seeking to liberate the realms of art, design, history and fashion from their usual borders, the book is described as a "portrait without a frame", pushing boundaries and depicting a snapshot of Shoreditch at its best.

A number of 'Unbound Events' will be held during September in the lead up to the books release that same month. Such events will exhibitions, creative workshops and artists salons that are sure to be interesting and fun. They're even throwing a festival in Old Spitalfield's Market.! The book itself will be on limited release and so is only available during September so be ready to snap up your copy!

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