Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New York Diary - On the Town!

Gala, Rachel and I ...New York fashion week for a whole week...totallly amazing, how do i begin?

We stayed in an amazing apartment in Manhattan, thanks to Rachel! We went to many shows, and far too many parties, about 4 every night. Mainly magazine parties and show afterparties. Met so many amazing people and had one hell of a crazy time. Might skip NY next year in Feb, mainly because of the climate....it's gonna be the sunny beaches of Cape Town for me.

Gala posing with Hermes baby!!!
Back of the cab at 9.30 am and only 2 hours sleep from the night before (note the sunglasses)...on our way to the Lacoste show, yes we are troopers, but late troopers because we missed the show by 5 minutes and ended up going suntanning at soho house instead...u win some you loose some :(

Random sign on a random walk around NY...might copy this and put it in my parking space at work!
Gala and Morgan at Soho house

Soho house...soaking up the sun

I didnt know street dogs could be so adorable!!!

 Gala and I at Karla Otto's showroom in NY. We borrowed some clothes for the shows we went to...and yes, i did mix mine with Goldie :)

Steak tartar at Pastis in NY...'Sex and the City' style!

Rachel and I in the middle of the street in NY after the Theory and Oscar de La Renta show.

I LOVE U WANG!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely photos! and the ones on Gala's blog too! I love the brown Goldie pants she wears, the dots blouse, the black fringed jacket... but when available for shopping on line? Thanks!

  2. Hi Marta, some of the styles you mentioned are available to buy online now at www.goldielondon.com, others arriving very soon!


  3. Cant find anyone! I'm specially waiting for the pants, I'll keep an eye on facebook page for new arrivals, thank you!

  4. Hey Marta! The jacket is available here http://www.goldielondon.com/shop/jackets/frankie-black-jacket-2-p-1837.html

    the rest are on the way!

  5. Oh my... that chartreuse skirt suit is simply divine!! I would have loved something ike this to wear to New York Fashion Week! I traveled all the way from Perth in Australia to NYFW and it did not disappoint!!
    I love re-living it through other blogs and getting different points of view.