Friday, 27 January 2012

DIY - 1990's Embelished Bra!

Hey Gals,

So one of my new ideas is to do some DIY here at Goldie.
I have always been the one that loves taking something and making it better and more special and I know how bored most of us are  these days of the churned out clothing in the high street, how everything is starting to look the same and all the special things we cant really afford ourselves, so each week i am going to come up with cool ideas for you all to have some fun at home.

Move over La Perla ......My first idea is 1990's inspired bra!

This is what you will need:

Clear thread - (you can get from John Lewis)
Needle - (can get from John Lewis)
Chain - (can get from New Trimmings which is just off regent street)
Crosses - or any other charms u want (can get from the bead shops in london)
Jump Rings - can get from the bead shops in London
Plyers - can get from the bead shops in London
Bra - I bought mine from H&M and was only £9.99

You will need hand sewing skills for this though.

1)  Use your plyers to cut the chain to the perfect size. Chain is stitched on with clear thread through each loop top and bottom. Only put the chain on the front EG: from side seam to side seam, as the chain doesnt stretch so you need the stretch at the back of the bra to keep it comfortable.

2) When the chain is stitched on then attach the charms on the bottom of the chain with the jump rings.

And thats it, i hope u all like :)

Have a lovely weekend!




  1. Love this!! Hmm might be a weekend project ...

  2. Wowww, that's super cool! LOVE IT!!


  3. wow! great diy honey, it's really nice and original!!

    nice to meet your blog!

  4. ha, really like it!
    (nice bra too!) x

  5. Je trouve ça super sexy ! J'adore.
    Bise xx