Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Goldie girls- beauty inspiration

Here at Goldie we are always talking about ways to improve our beauty regimes and our favourite products! So we interviewed a few of the girls in the office and pulled together their best tips to share with you. Enjoy and let us in on your own  beauty tips! And if you have any questions just comment below and we will reply right back to you.

What is your favourite beauty product? 

Siobhan- Rimmel liquid eyeliner

Connie- Max factor masterpiece mascara and soap and glory face scrub ‘scrub your nose in it’. Also Clinique dramatically different moisturiser. 

Fiona- My fave is Garnier miracle skin perfector daily bb cream. Its really light for everyday. It moisturises and brings a little glow to your face and even covers your dark circles! 

Michelle- Embryolisse face cream- you can only buy it in Paris! Also, bio oil, I have dry skin, I mix them together to put on my face. 

Charlotte- Mark Hill split end repairing capsules, use at night and wash out in the morning.

Tahirah- Black eye liner/ kohl

Zara- Witch hazel Primer- good price too.

Alice- Dermalogica toner and Lancome young active serum.

Do you have any secret beauty tips?

Siobhan- Purple Shampoo, it neautralises brassy tones in blonde hair. John Frieda, colour renew, tone correcting is my favourite. 

Connie- When you’ve had too many late nights and have dark circles under your eyes- put a thick-si hlayer of moisturiser over the area before sleeping and In the morning they will have disappeared.

Fiona- Sudacrem is brilliant for drying out spots- put a thick coating over the spot and leave it over night. You wake up to dries out spots- perfect! Its not just for baby bottoms! 

Michelle- if you have frizzy hair- go for a brazilian blowdry/keratin treatment- it works so well. You will end up with silky smooth soft hair for months.dep. on hair length costs £130-£200 from my private hairdresser- www.mark-alexander.net 
And you will never need to blow dry your hair again, i just wash and walk out the door! Saves me hours of time

Charlotte- condition your eyelashes once in a while with Vaseline! Just smooth a thin layer over them when youre not wearing make up. 

Tahirah- always carry cotton buds!

Zara- Before you spray your perfume mix it with some baby oil first, put some baby oil on then spray your perfume on top- you’re perfume will smell stronger and last longer!

Alice- use warm water to wash your face, cleanse, then splash your face with cold water after to close your pores.

What are your essential items in your bag that you wont leave the house without?

Siobhan- Rimmel eyeliner, Rimmel 24hour foundation, bronzer and a hairbrush.

Connie- Benefit- high beam, pink tinted lip balm and perfume.

Fiona- BB cream, black eyeliner, mascara, hand cream, tinted lip balm and bronzer!!

Michelle- Blistex relief cream- makes lips feel soft and pouty. I am lost without it.

Charlotte- A bottle of water to keep hydrated!

Tahirah- I don’t wear much make up on casual days so just Vaseline and some Rimmel pink blush lippy.

Zara- Aragan hauir serum- gives you smooth and shiny hair when its frizzy from humidity. And Neutrogena hand cream.

Alice- Lotion and perfume


  1. I love the BB cream and a Rimmel mascara I have. I can´t leave the house without lip balm and concealer and.. beauty tips... I always exfoliate my sking (FACE AND BODY) at least once a week.


  2. will definitely be trying out the perfume trick soon! great advice :)