Friday, 1 June 2012


As you know, the trend this summer are fake collars ...and here is how to do it.
Sequins or chains....Find your happiness in this DIY!

This is what you need:
- Felts 30x30 cm
- A pencil
- Pins
- A4 paper
- Needle
- Threads
- Scissors
- Hooks and eyes
- And some accessories depends on the collar you make (sequins, 2 pliers, 2 crosses and jump rings)

 Step 1: Draw your collar pattern on an A4 paper with a pencil, then cut it. 
                                     Fold the pattern and the felt (30x30cm) in half. 
                          Fix them together with pins, then cut the felt around the pattern.

Step 2: Stitch hook and eyes at the top of your collar on both back parts.

Step 3: Customise your collar with whatever you want. 

We used black felt, two small silver chains, two crosses.
Sews the chain around the collar, then fix the crosses

We used apricot felt, gold sequins and apricot thread.
Sew the sequins on the collar.

We used black felt,silver sequins, two jump rings and one silver chain.
Sew the sequins on the collar and the jump rings, then use pliers to fix the chain on. 


  1. Cute pieces ! Thanks for sharing this little project. ^^

    Indie by heart

  2. fab DIY i do love a collar

  3. This DIY is awesome! I will definatly have to try this!