Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hey Girls...

So the last week I have been in Venice for the Venice film festival with my friend Gala. 
It was a week of fun and work. Gala was invited along on the trip by Disaronno and I went along with to assist.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring along some of our new in Autumn/Winter items and flounce about with the stars for the week.
Most of our time there we spent in the Disaronno tent, which is where all the actors went to hang out, to be interviewed and attend the after parties

Disaronno kindly lent us two sponsored bikes to ride, which was very helpful getting about. The only challenging part was riding back to our hotel drunk in the early hours of the morning in heels!! I did manage to wipe out on the side walk in the rain riding home one night after a party,,,it was bound to happen, and now i have a lovely bruise tattoo'd on my leg as a reminder. 

There were two highlights for me when we were there. First was that was Gala walking the red carpet a Alberta Ferretti dress and meeting Alberta Ferretti the second was her  DJing in the Disaronno tent for the biggest party of the festival and we sure as hell rocked that place, it turned into a mini rave. 

Our last day we managed to get the boat across to Venice (because we were staying in Lido for the festival) and did a little bit of tourist sight seeing.
Venice is a super special place, 
it blew my mind.

It was an amazing trip, will never to be forgotten, and a big thank you to the Disaronno team for making it happen.

One tip...Disaronno and Ginger beer shacken on ice...Best ever cocktail!


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  1. Sounds absolutely amazing, I am totally envious.
    That white dress is perfect by the way.