Saturday, 1 December 2012



Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but i have been away in China for over a month and a half sampling our Autumn and Winter collection and there is no access to blogs out there. 
But alas.... i arrived back to London last week and back in action so there will be many more rolling out more often. 
Pinky swear!

After a week back mental with work, I decided to take a little break and jump on the Eurostar to Paris over the weekend to catch up with some of my close friends, and all i will be doing is cafes, chilling and shopping! 


Today i am wearing:

Dress: Goldie 
Jacket: IRO
Bag: Celine
Fur: China

Love this dress cos its great for summer with sandals and winter you can layer it up with tights and jackets + its super slimming.

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  1. You look beautiful, I've got major hair envy! Your jacket and dress are a dream matchmake! x