Wednesday, 13 February 2013


On our way to Goa, Gala and i stopped in Paris for the launch of the Dior Iconic range

We arrived to our beautiful hotel "Plaza Athenee", which is located in the famous shopping area 'Avenue Montiagne' in Paris. 

The event was delicious lunch with champagne and a day of pampering, but that wasn't it. 

In the evening we had a dinner in the courtyard located in the center of the hotel and our restaurant was on an ice rink!! Switzerland style.. We even had to be helped to our tables by the waiters in case of slipping...haha
We were wined and dinned by Alain Ducasse a 3 Star Michelin star chef. It was like xmas all over again. 

Such an amazing event, thanks to Dior

PS: the Iconic ranges is to die for as I have a massive Dior goodie bag to prove it and have been wearing all the products since getting them. 
Also ... on my way back from London, I picked up the Dior BB cream. Best ever, I highly recommend it... makes your whole face glow!!

Gala decided to put a face mask on our flight to Paris... only Gala would do this...haha

Getting off our flight to Paris

Arriving at our hotel

Our room


 At the event

 Instagram image of the Eiffel Tower.... looking mighty sexy!

Our Dinner

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  1. Wow the hotel is so beautiful! I love your photo where you wear a mask! Hahaha! Cute!