Monday, 8 April 2013


Firstly sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last week, I have been totally bed bound not even able to walk around, that's how sick I have been, but glad that the torture is over and I am finally back to my usual self :)
All the craziness in my life finally took its toll on my poor little body and it collapsed, so now I have made a conscious effort to bin alcohol for a little while and get fit and healthy and take over the world...which I plan to do!! 
One day at a time obviously. 
Only problem is I am a pretty hyperactive person, and now I am double hyperactive...which can be exciting and scary at the same time...not for me but for those around me..haha

Promise to keep these little blog posts rolling...

I came across this amazing tumblr called HAWAIIAN COCONUT whilst scrolling thru my favourite blogs. 

Emily Faulstich, who is one of the owners of Wildfox, who has now moved to beautiful CapeTown,  the country where I grew up. And here she takes all these beautiful images on her Canon camera and posts them on her blog..

When ever the gloomy grey skies of London get me down...her blog is the first place I go to lift my spirits and to get a little taste of my home, that was once my home. 

She has also made me become a little obsessed with the colour pink... which use to be my most hated colour....oh and pink roses too!!!

 Above image found HERE

Above image: New flowers I bought for  my room

 All images are from HERE

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