Thursday, 25 February 2010

A big night out with Elle Style awards and Face Hunter’s Book Launch.

Went out for a little party on Monday (22/02/10) with my house mate Pauline who is the Womens worldwide press agent for Alexander McQueen. It was quite a busy night, starting out at one of my favourite bloggers, FaceHunter  book launch.

His new book is a laphotographic expose on individuals that have a unique sense of style, people who show their personality through their dress and have a captivating and unique ‘look’.

Buy his book here

This is a very good friend of mine Gala Gonzalez shot at this years Copenhagen Fashion Week by Facehunter

Ivan Rodic (FaceHunter) and myself at his book launch on Monday

I then ran off to the Elle Style Awards. This was an amazing event and it gave me the opportunity to catch up with some really creative and talented people.

Mary Kate, Kylie, Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung were few of who were there, everyone drinking mini Moet champagne and multicoloured cocktails. mmmm...

As I was wondering around I bumped into Daisy Lowe looking as stunning as ever. I gave her a few pieces from my collection last year, so I said hi and told her about the new collection, which which hopefully she will be seen in this summer!

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