Friday, 12 March 2010

Goldie select this weekend

Its been a busy week at Goldie London. Specifically making a new clothing and jewellery select range for Spitalfields and Portobello Markets on Saturday and Sunday We will be doing this weekly, therefore always having new exciting pieces in stock.
 These pieces are limited and one offs, so get down early.
Portobello (Saturday) (10am - 5pm)
Spitalfields (Sunday) (10am - 5pm)

Necklaces £15 (only available at the market)

Beaded dresses £48

Flower dress £45

Lace trim cardigan - £38

Liberty beaded jumper £55
(also available in black)

lace flower cardigan (also available in grey) £38

beaded bow cardigan £50
(bow at back of cardigan)


  1. Each of these pieces are completely amazing! I wish I could buy everything .. but I'm on a tight budget. :( I LOVE the jewelery & the knits. Very Springy. Also, your style is AMAZING. :)


  2. Wauw, you've certainly got talent! love the jewelry with the cross and the cardies with beading. brillant. xx

  3. I love every single piece! Its great, honestly, I love it. I think I'll be in London on June/July so I most probably go to Portobello and Spitalfields to give it a look (if you are still there by that time). I also looove you style, great job in that department as well : )

  4. I would like to buy the necklace with the cross and the turquoise/green stone.
    You ship in Europe?
    I'm from Rome.

  5. if you like something on the blog and it is not on our website then mail us at so we can get your details.
    Goldie London

  6. I am in love with the beaded bow cardigan! I think I must have it! Lovely and beautiful things!

  7. Luv the black flower dress and liberty jumper! Is it available to buy online?


  8. I love those beaded dresses, besides from its designs; I also like their colors. Thank you for showing this to us! :)

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