Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Inside the house of Audrey

Hey girls,
Audrey from  Frassy 

How did you and Michelle Goldie meet? 
A lot of people ask this question and I am not entirely sure how we "officially met". We were friends on facebook, and she messaged me asking about hotels in Paris- I invited her to come crash at my house and from then on, we were friends. I don't go to London much, but whenever she comes to Paris, she stays with me, which is great and always so much fun! 

On picture : Audrey with our head designer Michelle Goldie

What do you do?
 I am a full time fashion blogger

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 
I get to play with, photograph and think about clothes all day! 

Where did you grow up?
I grew up all over Europe, but primarily in the south of Spain- in the mountains on the coast! 

What music are you listening to at the moment? 
I am really into Drake, Ben Howard & Dragonette. 

What are some of your favourite films? 
Factory Girl is my all time favourite film! 

What inspires you? 
Fellow bloggers are my biggest inspiration- I read alot of blogs and they faithfully always give me great fashion ideas. 

Who do you admire?
Businesswomen such as Natalie Massent, Tamara Mellon, Diana Vreeland. 

Which were your favourite Spring/Summer 2012 collections at fashion week? 
I really loved Sonia Rykiel and Alexander Wang. 

How would you describe your style? 
Hmm, totally sporadic. I don't ever dress in one specific style, instead I mix it up everyday. 

What do you think is sexy? 
Finger tattoos, I find them so beautiful. 

Favourite places to shop? 
I love the flea markets on the outskirts of Paris- COS is another favourite of mine and then old-faithfuls like ASOS & H+M, purely because they are so affordable. 

Favourite item in your wardrobe? 
My Alexander Wang Luca booties. 

Which is your favourite room at home? 
My living room- totally covered in clothes and fashion montages cover my walls. Plus I have a old fireplace and beautiful ceiling beams- I love the character/personality my living room evokes. 

What is your favourite thing in your home? 
My shoe shelf, - its a floor to ceiling shelf filled with all my shoes and handbags.
Where is your favourite place in Paris, and why? 
I love Place Vendome, purely because it reminds me of the first time I came to this city and how enamoured I was of the architecture. 

What is one of your favourite quotes? 
“It is quite true what philosophy says; that life must be understood backwards. But then one forgets the other principle: that it must be lived forwards" by Soren Kierkegaard 

New or Vintage? 

Designer or High Street? 
High Street

Colour or Black?

Heels or Flats? 

Summer or Winter?

Books or Magazines? 

Minimal or Cluttered? 

London or Paris?