Thursday, 14 July 2011

Arcade Fire & Hop Farm

Me and some friends went to Arcade Fire's concert in London' Hyde Park last Thursday and it was AMAZING!!

They transformed Hyde Park into a "suburb-themed" festival with a cinema tent, an arcade tent AND a whiskey tent and as you can tell by the photos below, the weather was on our side and all 60,000 of us Arcade Fire fans had a great time!

With the UK soaked with the balmy summer weather, I realised just how superior outdoor concerts are.. with the right music I guess. Luckily for me, my summer of festivals was not to end with Arcade Fire as I'd also got hold of some tickets to Hop Farm festival. It's not a festival on the same scale as Glastonbury or V Fest or anywhere like that.. but that's half the beauty of it. Cosy, unique and uncommercial.
Favourite acts.. probably Prince and The Eagles.. didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to as I preferred not to watch a concert through a 4" iphone screen.. After multiple days in a tent, there are some photos which are never going to see the light of day - if you've been to a festival, or even just camped, I'm sure you'll understand.

Peter Mayes from PNAU 
Rachel Zeilic from Stylestalker


  1. you saw arcade jealousy pervades me!

  2. The Jesus Saves t-shirt just made my night! It seems like you had a terrific time.

  3. Gotta love Instagram - it makes everything look amazing!

  4. cool photos! looks like you had a lot of fun. that last picture is very funny haha. x

  5. where's your amazing hat from? i love it!