Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Vogue Covers From the 60s

It's hard to believe that the fashion bible that is Vogue almost 120 years old! I absolutely  love a bit of vintage and Vogue covers from the swinging 60's are undoubtedly some of the best magazines covers ever made!

Paris Vogue May 1967 - Twiggy

Paris Vogue May 1969 - Jane Birkin 
(I can see a resemblance to Daria Werbowy!)

UK Vogue July 1965 - Sophia Loren
US Vogue November 1964 - Audrey Hepburn

US Vogue November 1966 - Veruschka

US Vogue November 1967 - Susan Murray

US Vogue January 1962 - Wilhemina

UK Vogue March 1960 

US Vogue October 1960 - Dorothea Mcgowan

UK Vogue October 1969 - Pattie Boyd

 US Vogue September 1969

UK Vogue May 1968 - Faye Dunaway

UK Vogue December 1967 - Candice Bergen

US Vogue August 1967 - Mia Farrow

UK Vogue October 1966 - Jill Kennington

US Vogue March 1966 - Mirelli Pettini

UK Vogue September 1965
UK Vogue July 1964

US Vogue September 1963 - Brigette Bauer

UK Vogue August 1963 - Jean Shrimpton

US Vogue April 1963

US Vogue May 1962 - Isabella Albonico


  1. Jill Kennington or LADY GAGA?!

  2. I am crazy about the 1960s! <3 I love the gorgeous hair styles and hats!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Beautiful. I love these way more than the current vogue covers. x hivenn

  4. gorgeous. x

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